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Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of brewing rustically refined craft beer and committed to bringing beer lovers the innovative contemporary styles they crave.

Familiar And Different

We love to push the boundaries with traditional ingredients and methods in an exploration of contemporary styles. But we also love perfecting classic styles and playing off the innovations of other great breweries around the world. You’ll find something familiar and something different with each and every one of our brews. We use dynamic Norwegian farmhouse Kveik yeast varietals as our “house” yeast, but you can also expect some familiar notes to complement vibrant hopping and decadent malt bases.

Refining and Defining Styles

Our brewers are excited to innovate as we journey through time to tap into historical Norwegian tradition. Traust is excited to bring you a variety of delicious beer styles done in the name of those who pioneered rustic craft beer. From a bright tropical Norwegian farmhouse hazy IPA to the phenolic fig of a clean and balanced barleywine and everything in between, we hope to introduce an element of exploration and discovery to craft beer lovers.