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Our mission is to create a world-class rustically refined craft experience for the community of Wesley Hights, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Familiar And Different

We love experimenting with traditional ingredients and methods, but we also love perfecting classic styles and playing off the innovations of other great breweries around the world. You’ll find something familiar and something different with each and every one of our brews. We use the dynamic Norwegian farmhouse Kveik yeast varietals as our “house” yeast, but you can also expect some familiar notes from more traditional strains as well.

Refining and Defining Styles

We have the fortune of having a very diverse team of brewers who will be collaborating to bring all styles to the taproom lead by the innovative head brewer, Ryan Wash. Specializing in recipe formulation and fermentation, Ryan brings years of experience to the team along with his extensive recipe portfolio. From the phenolic fig of a balanced barleywine to the robust roast of a dry stout to the more subtle malt of a crisp rye lager, there will surely be something for the malt-pleasing palate.